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Ankur Gold Salt, 1 Kg


 This is a Vegetarian product.
  •  Iodized Salt is made with the 4-step advantage process which ensures its good quality
  •  Iodized Salt is solar evaporated; sun-dried for 3 weeks and made from natural sea salt crystals to give you salt, just the way nature intended
  •  Salt is has the right amount of iodine, which is vital for healthy physical growth and brain function
  • The salt undergoes a 2-step cleaning process and has a moisture-proof packaging which gives it a free-flowing texture
  • This good quality salt ensures a balanced taste in your daily meals

Britannia Cow Ghee

From Rs.135.00
From Rs.125.00

Cow ghee is specially customised for the West Indian taste palette Made from good quality cow's milk, it has a rich golden yellow colour. Its aroma will give your family a hint that something special is on the way. Britannia ghee has loads of freshness, purity and aroma which are retained even when not refrigerated for a year. With its wonderful aroma, rich granular texture, consistent quality and health benefits; Britannia Ghee lends itself beautifully to varied Indian cuisines, making it a must-have in every household Available in various pack sizes of 200ml , 500ml and 1lt

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