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Dove Intense Repair Shampoo 80ml


इस आइटम के बारे में

  • Dove इंटेंस रिपेयर में कैराटिन एक्टिव होते हैं जो सेलुलर स्तर पर ख़राब बालों को फिर से बनाने में मदद करते हैं
  • विटामिन H और सिल्क प्रोटीन से भरपूर
  • यह रेंज सूखे रफ़ बालों को मॉइस्चराइज़ करती है ताकि बालों को सॉफ्ट और स्मूद महसूस हो.

Dove Dryness Care Shampoo 180ml


  • Dove dryness care shampoo for smoother hair more resilient to damage
  • Strengthening shampoo formulated with pro-moisture complex
  • Helps protect hair from daily wear and tear
  • For manageable and silky hair every day.
  • Nourishes hair to help it withstand 90 percent of damage even before it happens
  • Suitable for daily use. Ideal for Men. For all Hair types. Directions to Use: Apply to wet hair. Lather and Rinse Off.

L'Oreal Paris Shampoo 193ml


About this item

  • Conditioner For Damaged Hair
  • With Protein + Ceramide
  • Helps fight against the five visible signs of damaged hair - hair fall, dryness, roughness, dullness, and split ends
  • Ceramide-Cement technology to replicate the hair’s natural cement, targetting the 5 problems

Dabur Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil 175ml.


About this item

  • Pure Coconut Oil made from the finest hand-picked & sun-dried coconuts
  • Untouched by hands – goes through 34 Quality Tests & Multi-stage filtration process
  • Regular usage of coconut oil for haircare provides abundant nourishment.
  • Unique tamper-proof seal
  • Long-lasting and fresh nutty-fragrance
  • 100% Edible Grade Product

Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil

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From Rs.67.00

About this item

  • Nothing but 100% pure coconut oil
  • Made with the finest hand-picked & naturally sun dried coconuts
  • Untouched by hand- goes through 27 quality tests and 5 stage purification process – for 100% purity every time
  • Unique tamper proof seal- the seal of trust
  • Long lasting freshness & nutty aroma
  • Contains no added preservatives or chemicals. Sulfate Free

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil

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About this item

  • Almond Oil has 6x Vitamin E that helps reduce hairfall and gives beautiful and strong hair.
  • It is light hair oil having no stickiness, which makes you enjoy different hair styles daily
  • Hair Type: Suitable for any hair style; Does not freeze in winters
  • Usage: Apply the oil all over your head, Gently massage the oil onto your scalp using your fingertips, Leave the oil on for an hour, Rinse it off
  • Shelf Life - 36 Months From the Date of Manufacturing

Nihar Hair Oil

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From Rs.22.00

About this item

  • Nihar Naturals comes with the goodness of coconut and methi to give you thick and beautiful hair (based on technical study, compared to untreated hair)
  • Coconut oil goes layers deep into your scalp - it nourishes and enriches your hair, infusing each strand with the goodness of nature (based on technical study)
  • Methi helps in hair growth, also making the hair soft and helps in controlling hairfall
  • Light and fragrant coconut hair oil that infused with the flowery notes of the jasmine flower
  • Suitable for all hair types- straight, curly, thick, thin & wavy
  • Explore other variants for Nihar Naturals- also available in rose fragrance

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Coconut Hair Oil

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About this item

  • Parachute advansed jasmine coconut hair oil nourishes & strengthens your hair to give it a healthy shine
  • Moisturises and protects your hair from root to tip to give you strong, silky and shiny hair
  • Coconut oil enriched with goodness of jasmine extracts and vitamin E in a light, non sticky format
  • Penetrates 10 layers inside the hair and reduces hair breakage and hair fall
  • Parachute Advansed Jasmine hair oil gives soft, shiny hair with a pleasant fragrance
  • Light and non-sticky hair oil perfect for daily use keeps your hair refreshed day long

Dabur Amla Hair oil

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About this item

  • Dabur Amla hair oil has amla extracts. Amla is known to be a power fruit for your hair. As the power of amla nourishes your scalp from within, your hair is strengthened from root to tip
  • Amla is known for its potent hair growth promoting activity and thus is regarded as a potent herbal treatment for hair loss
  • Amla is also enriched with omega 3 and has rich hair nutrients like vitamin c, tannins and amino acids which helps in making your hair stronger
  • Dabur Amla hair oil also helps in dandruff reduction
  • It also helps in maintaining the natural colour of hair

Nihar Naturals Shanti Badam Amla Hair Oil

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From Rs.19.00

About this item

  • The goodness of amla and baadaam oil
  • For black, silky and strong hair
  • 5% of all our profits go towards children's education
  • Largest selling hair oil in the country
  • Amla hair oil with a pleasing fragrance
  • Apply for 45 minutes before shampoo

Navratna Ayurvedic cool hair oil

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About this item

  • An ayurvedic oil made from a unique blend of nine ayurvedic herbs delivers superlatively desired benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Contains the goodness of Sesame oil, Japa, Bringhraj, Bharmi, Amla, Thyme and Rosemary Oil.
  • Helps to relieve headache, fatigue, tension and sleeplessness
  • Gives relief from specific hair and body related ailments
  • Ideal for everyday relaxing head massages. Sulfate Free : Yes
  • Country of Origin: India


From Rs.40.00
From Rs.36.00

  • With 9 active herbal ingredients like - bhringaraja, pepperment-stva, karcura, brahmi, asvagandha, amla, saileya, japa pushpa and Lata Kasturi
  • Store in cool and dry place away from direct heat and sun light". 2. Keep out of reach of children 3. If the symptoms persist even after continuous using use consult physician
  • An ayurvedic oil made from a unique blend of nine ayurvedic herbs delivers superlatively desired benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation

Himgange Ayurvedic Oil

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HImgange Ayurvedic Hair oil is medicated remedy for pain, stress, tension , headache, migraine, body ache joint paint, miinor burns sprain , muscular pain. Himgange Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a best product to remove stress & tension from your head, it makes you forget the world and chill ,with ancient ayurvedic science formule and no side effect ,its a worth to try it. Ingredients: manjistha, khus, amla, shikakai, satawari, haldi, cardamom, dhania, gokhru, tulsi, brahmi, bhringraj, pudina satt, kapoor. For external use only. Cautions: Keep out of children's reach, for external use only.

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