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Ever wondered how biriyani gets its fine yellow colour or the kulfi soaked in mouth-watering fluid gets its smooth yellowy tinge? This is all because of saffron or kesar, an expensive spice derived from the flower of Saffron Crocus.

Dabur Glucose

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From Rs.180.00

About this item

  • Enriched with vitamin-D and calcium for easy assimilation and quick replenishment of essential vitamins, minerals and body salts
  • Dabur Glucose is a ready source of energy to fight tiredness
  • It refreshes you instantly
  • Besides helping in quick recovery of energy lost due to fatigue
  • Dabur Glucose also provides essential nutrients that refresh and energizes you to fight tiredness and fatigue caused by summer heat
  • Dabur Glucose also helps in all-round development of kids
  • Extremely good for growing children and sportspersons
  • Get a jump start on your day by filling up with the extra energy of Dabur Glucose-D.

Fortune Soya Chunks, 1kg Pouch


This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item
  • 15x times more protein than Milk
  • 99% fat free and 13% dietary fiber
  • Super Soakey, Soft and juicy that taste best
  • Made from world class technology
  • Untouched by Hands and hygienic
  • Commonly Searced: Soya Chunks, soya chunk, soya nuggets, soya badi, soya granules, protein rich soya wadi, soya chunks nutrition

Nutrela High Protein Soya Chunk

From Rs.10.00
From Rs.9.00

  This is a Vegetarian product.
  • 100 percent vegetarian
  • Heart friendly, protein rich
  • 99 percent fat free


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From Rs.180.00

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Horlicks was first invented to substitute milk as baby food
  • Horlicks, in India, has tied up with popular kids movies like Ice Age II and Superman Returns
  • Country of Origin: India


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From Rs.38.00

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Granular texture, free flowing, golden or light yellow in colour.
  • Nutritious, fulfill the daily requirement of carbohydrates & fiber
  • Maintains blood sugar level & reduces cholesterol.
  • Vacuum packed for more shelf life.
  • 100% assurance of good quality and compliances to food safety requirements.

Saffola Masala Oats Veggie Twist, 500g


    This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Veggie Twist Oats comes with rich and creamy mix of aromatic spices with a hint of coconut gravy
  • Ready in 3 minutes, an instant oatmeal cereal for Breakfast or evening snacks
  • Oats are high in fibre and protein, which keep you fuller for longer, control your hunger pangs and thereby help you manage weight
  • Helps you stay in shape
  • Upto 70 percent less fat than instant noodles. Study dated 31st Oct 2017 based on declared nutrient information of instant noodles vs Saffola Masala Oats
  • Enjoy a perfect guilt free snacking anytime, anywhere, with the tasty yet healthy Saffola Classic Masala Oats- just like the taste of home-cooked food

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